SP 95-001

The Santa Fe Valley Specific Plan Area (SPA) is located in northern San Diego County and is a part of the San Dieguito Community Planning Area.  The SPA encompasses approximately 3,160 acres of land west of Interstate 15, south of Del Dios Highway and north of Artesian Road. 


SFV Specific Plan

A complete map of the SFV Specific Plan indicating proposed land use plan, circulation plan, community facilities and project boundaries

SFV Detailed Land Use Plan - Area I

Details for one of the five planning areas within the Santa Fe Valley Specific Plan Area, detailing existing topography, circulation, trails, land use designations, residential densities, acreage, and parcel lines

Santa Fe Valley Circulation Plan

Plan designating the existing and proposed circulation network, delineating vehicular and non-vehicular roads, trails, and other access points

Santa Fe Valley Conservation and Open Space Plan

Plan identifying the open space areas within the Santa Fe Valley Specific Plan Area. Open space areas are differentiated into two categories, Open Space II acting as a buffer to the between sensitive Open Space I areas

Santa Fe Valley Park Concept Plan

A conceptual park design for the neighborhood park for the Santa Fe Valley Specific Plan Area

Santa Fe Valley Physical Features Map

A map identifying the topography and other physical features within and adjacent to the Santa Fe Valley Specific Plan Area

Santa Fe Valley Public Facilities Plan

Plan showing the required public facilities within the Santa Fe Valley SPA, including water, sewer, fire, recreational, and educational facilties

Santa Fe Valley Streetscape Plan

Plan identifying community and neighborhood entry points as well as primary and secondary theme roads

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