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The Riverview Gateway project proposes the redevelopment of Sweetwater Town and Country Shopping Center, consisting of approximately 20 acres of land located within the City of National City. The project area, located directly south of Sweetwater Road, west of Interstate 805 and north of State Route 54, acts as a gateway into the City’s western region.

Shapouri & Associates was employed to design the redevelopment project to allow for a mixed-use development with a variety of residential opportunities. The proposed development is intended to enhance the existing commercial uses, while providing a contemporary commercial and residential design in compliance with the City’s goals and standards.

Our firm formulated various options for the phasing of construction, which are devised to minimize impacts of development on the existing land uses and tenants as much as possible. The architectural plan, designed by our engineering staff, intends to improve upon the community’s environment through the implementation of sustainable building practices, such as roof-top gardens.

Riverview Gateway Land Plan

Plan depicting proposed land use within the project boundary

Riverview Gateway Phasing Plan

Aerial Northerly Perspective

Northerly aerial perspective of conceptual Riverview Gateway design

Southerly Aerial Perspective

Southerly aerial perspective of conceptual Riverview Gateway design

Perspective Sweetwater Rd.

Westerly perspective of Riverview Gateway commercial frontage and Sweetwater Rd.

Riverview Gateway Commercial Concept

Perspective rendering of conceptual Riverview Gateway commercial areas

Central Residential Plaza Concept

Conceptual rendering of central residential plaza for recreational activities

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