makaiwa hills master plan

This project is located on the beautiful slopes of Waianae Mountain Range, in the Ewa District on the Island of Oahu. The total project area encompasses approximately 1,842 acres, of which approximately 61 acres are with in the State Land Use Urban District.; the remaining 1,781 acres are within the State Land Use Agricultural District.

Shapouri & Associates successfully developed a comprehensive master plan for this community, which entailed land planning process and civil engineering applications. The master-planned residential community provides a wide variety of residential opportunities, necessary internal roads, utilities, infrastructure and commercial uses including an elementary school. In order to maintain the beautiful nature and serene locale, the Master Plan designates over thirty percent of the land as open space.

Makaiwa Hills Land Plan

A conceptual land plan for 4085 dwelling units.

Makaiwa Hills Conceptual Grading Plan

A 3-D conceptual design of the proposed grading and finished pads for project development

Makaiwa Hills Slope Analysis Map

A map depicting the steep slopes and slope patterns of the existing land within the project area

Makaiwa Hills Topo Model

A 3-D topographic model displaying the overall topographic patterns of existing land within the project area

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