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   Shapouri & Associates offers a full range of civil engineering services:


One of our associates is a registered land surveyor who performs site specific boundary surveys.  In addition, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Remote Sensing satellite data for mapping purposes is used extensively to provide highly accurate surveys at a reasonable price.  Aerial surveys are also used for producing contour maps and aerial photographic inventory.


Using our computerized database and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) we are capable of determining suitable sites for variety of public and private facilities and infrastructure, such as sewer and water lines, treatment plants, spectator sport facilities, industrial plants, etc.


Based on the site topography, location, existing vegetation cover and proposed land use, hydrological analysis is performed to determine the flow rates of water courses and flood plains for purposes of designing flood control structures and facilities.


Our firm's engineers have extensive working knowledge of public and private disposal systems, including septic tanks in combination with leach lines or horizontal or vertical seepage pits, design for sewer pump stations and sewer lines.


Our emphasis is on quality engineering before the project breaks ground.  Through detailed design review most problems that may potentially surface during construction will be eliminated.  Moreover, by providing accurate improvement plans and construction drawings, construction projects are managed and completed within time and budget to the satisfaction of the client.


We have designed and built a modular steel bridge that won the "1995 Outstanding Civil Engineering Project Award of Merit" from the San Diego section of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).  This flexible bridge design can be applied to various situations at a fraction of cost of typical bridges.


Various retaining structures have been designed by Shapouri & Associates, using modular concrete blocks such as Keystone, Versa-lok and Allan Blocks.

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