cielo del norte specific plan

The Cielo del Norte Specific Plan Area (SPA) is located in northern San Diego County, approximately 6 miles west of Interstate 15.  The SPA is west of the City of Escondido, south of the City of San Marcos and north of Del Dios Highway and the San Dieguito River Valley. 

Cielo del Norte Specific Plan consists of goals, policies and guidelines for the preservation and development of the proposed 482-acre SPA.  The Specific Plan text and map sets forth a comprehensive planning framework for development of a residential community, which includes 154 dwelling units and a 311-acre open space preserve.  The intent of the project is to allow compatible development of the SPA with the existing and planned land uses of the surrounding communities, while preserving significant environmental resources within and adjacent to the SPA.

Shapouri & Associates was employed by Cielo del Norte, LLC to complete a Specific Plan and all associated approvals / permits for the project Cielo del Norte, as described above. As a part of the Specific Plan project, it was necessary to amend the Rancho Cielo Specific Plan, San Dieguito Community Plan and County of San Diego General Plan. 

Shapouri & Associates staff strives to develop goals and policies, which ensure that the proposed land uses are compatible with the character of the surrounding environment and planned communities in the area, as well as ongoing regional open space preservation plans, programs and standards. The Conservation and Open Space Element and Community Design Element of this specific plan, set prime examples of our firms goals to create harmonious and environmentally sensitive planned communities. 

  • The Conservation and Open Space Plan designates approximately 311 acres of open space (65% of the project area), in addition to several recreational open space uses.

  • The Community Design Element implements the “D” Special Area Designator to preserve the scenic qualities of adjoining communities and minimizes grading encroachment.  This Designator requires a Site Plan review prior to issuance of building permits for residential areas that contain steep slopes, as depicted in the “Special Area Designator Map”.

  • The landscaping theme is another feature of the Community Design Element intended to create a more sustainable environment.  This landscape theme, as depicted in the “Planting Palette” and “Streetscape Plan”, requires the use of drought tolerant, deer tolerant and native species wherever possible, in order to minimize water usage and maintain the natural shape and rural character of the SPA’s environment. 

In addition to the Specific Plan and General Plan Amendment Report, Shapouri & Associates successfully executed a Rezone Application, Tentative Map and Preliminary Grading Plans.  The Tentative Map and associated applications were conditionally approved in December of 2003. Currently, our staff is working in the final map stages of the project to complete Improvement Plans and Grading Plans for each phase of the Tentative Map.

Cielo del Norte Specific Plan Map

Map showing proposed land uses, subareas, easements, project boundaries, and internal circulation

Cielo del Norte Circulation Plan

Plan showing internal transportation network for the specific plan area

Cielo del Norte Public Facilities Plan

Plan showing the proposed public facilities to serve Cielo del Norte

Cielo del Norte Open Space Map

Map showing the proposed open space areas within the Cielo del Norte Specific Plan Area

Cielo del Norte Special Area Designator Map

Map showing the proposed areas to be designated with the Design Review special area regulation

Cielo del Norte RPO Map

Map showing the areas within the Specific Plan Area that qualify under the Resource Protection Ordinance for steep slopes

Cielo del Norte TM

Tentative map showing proposed lot layout and open space areas within the Cielo del Norte Specific Plan Area

Cielo del Norte Grading Plans

Plans showing the proposed grading for the Cielo del Norte subdivision

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