The Cielo Village is located at the entrance of the Rancho Cielo gated community, east of Rancho Santa Fe Village on Del Dios Highway.  The Cielo Village is positioned atop some of the highest coastal peaks in northern San Diego County with expansive views of natural open space and wildlife corridors to the east, stretching across at lower elevations.

Shapouri & Associates was involved in the planning of this commercial site and presentation to the Community Planning Group. The project area offers a combination of high-end retail, offices spaces and dining opportunities.  Our firm is also currently completing the interior architecture for approximately 7,000 sq ft. of floor space within one office building (as seen to the right, darker building).

Cielo Village Perspective 3D

A 3D perspective view of Cielo Village

Cielo Looking East on Del Dios Highway 3D

Cielo Reception 3D

A 3D conceptual design of the Reception / Lobby area in Cielo Village commercial office space

Cielo 3D 2nd Floor

A 3D conceptual design of the 2nd floor in Cielo Village commercial office space

Cielo Conceptual Office Floor Plan

A conceptual floor plan for a commercial office space within Cielo Village


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