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Shapouri & Associates
is the proud winner of distinguished
American Public Works Association

2013 Project of the Year Award
Fairbanks Ranch Fire Station

Established in 1993, Shapouri & Associates has consistently provided consulting services for residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use projects within Southern California and Hawaii.  As professional engineers, architects and planners, our goal is to contribute to the overall quality of our natural and man-made environment by providing high quality consulting and project management services.

Members of Shapouri & Associates staff have extensive knowledge in processing permits and associated approvals at a local, state and federal level, as well as the preparation of planning studies, specific plans and general plan amendment reports, hydrological analysis and storm water management plans, site plans, subdivision maps, improvement plans and architectural analysis.  With over 20 years of experience, Shapouri & Associates is able to offer personalized project management to meet individual client’s goals and budgets.    In addition to delivering project management services tailored to meet client needs, Shapouri & Associates is dedicated to working with surrounding communities.  Through implementation of community involved charities and informative presentations, Shapouri & Associates strives to achieve a comprehensive project design that takes into account the goals of surrounding community members and planning staff.  This collaborative effort has helped achieve significant reductions in project processing time and costs, while creating designs that are sensitive to a community’s needs. Based in
Rancho Santa Fe, Shapouri & Associates has established the necessary tools to develop an extensive working knowledge of concepts in sustainable development, relations with sensitive communities and knowledgeable planning practices. 

Shapouri & Associates makes every effort to protect and preserve sensitive species and natural resources, while enhancing a community’s character and quality of life.  Having completed several projects within sensitive communities, Shapouri & Associates has a great deal of experience working with neighborhoods dedicated to preserving a rural ambiance through cautious and steadfast regulations in development.  Accordingly, Shapouri & Associates utilizes innovative approaches to satisfy the balance between the needs of growing communities and protective systems of governance.  

As a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Shapouri & Associates management staff is actively involved in the development, management and implementation of each project:   
AICP certified Principal Planner, Mr. Ali Shapouri AICP, CEP is responsible for overall project management and planning tasks.  With over 23 years of professional public and private planning practice in Los Angeles and San Diego Counties, Mr. Ali Shapouri has gained an in-depth understanding in all aspects of project planning and management.  As Principal Planner at Shapouri & Associates, Ali is responsible for the preparation of all planning documents and reports including Specific Plans, Specific Plan Amendments and General Plan Amendments, as well as permit processing and entitlements.   With over 37 years of professional civil and structural engineering experience, Registered Civil Engineer, Mr. Michael Shapouri CE is responsible for all necessary infrastructure engineering, on and off-site hydrology, water quality and infrastructure analysis, infrastructure cost estimating and the creation of improvement plans, parcel maps and/or final maps. 

As Principal Engineer of Shapouri & Associates, Mr. Michael Shapouri CE has assisted with the formulation of all plans completed by the firm to develop improvement phasing options and ensure consistency with various elements and required standards.  Moreover, his experience in project engineering and development has enabled him to be a key component in the preparation of development review procedures for each project. As demonstrated by our consistent track record, Shapouri & Associates is a qualified land
planning, engineering and architectural firm. 
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